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There aren't enough hours in the day. Using artificial intelligence, we're building a next-generation live tracking platform (patent pending) that helps you save time, reduce worry, and feel connected to the people most important to you.

Know Where Your Loved Ones Are

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Revolutionary Technology That Gives You More Freedom

Keep up to date with people you care about most using our next generation AI-driven live monitoring service. Have the peace of mind of knowing where they are - anywhere in the world.

The World's Most Advanced Personal Tracker
We're launching a crowdfunding campaign soon where you can get a FREE GPS beacon!
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Get a Free GPS

Back our crowdfunding campaign and get our "Little Bat" GPS beacon for FREE. 

With this, you don't need to connect to your mobile phone nor any network. It comes equipped with GPS + Cellular that works worldwide so you can save your phone battery! 

Group Tracking
History & Replay
Privacy Options

Be in control of who knows your whereabouts with secure privacy management.

See where you went yesterday. Share it with your friends so they follow your grand adventure.

Follow any number of people in the same group, share a single link, and track or replay them all at once.

Our AI-driven tracking platform offers much more than "a dot on a map." So you can easily see that your loved ones are OK without having to guess what's going on.

Custom Geofence
1-Push Emergency SOS

Help is a press away.

Draw your own using intuitive finger gestures (patent-pending).

Get estimated time-of-arrivals (ETA) so you never have to wait around unnecessarily.

More Than A Dot On A Map

Know What They're Doing

Whether they’re in a car, out for a run, on a bike, at home, or in the office we’ll help you know through our patent-pending live status prediction service. 

Know They're Safe

Go about your day without having to be glued to the screen. We’ll send you notifications when they’ve stopped for a time or are somewhere they shouldn’t be through our advanced monitoring service.

Know They're Always Connected

Never worry about phone battery ever again. Unlike other tracking devices, the "Little Bat" GPS beacon is a standalone device that does not need to connect to a phone to work. The Little Bat has its own connection, its own battery, and is smart enough to select the best signal to maintain its connection anywhere in the world. 

 Get alerted if your child wanders outside school
Leave your phone behind, 
and still be safely tracked
Our system notifies your partner when you're near home, so they can be prepared
Have your family & friends watch over you when you travel solo
Great for group rides, runs, or drives!

Intelligent Personal Tracking

BAT live tracks your loved ones and keeps them safe, so you get total peace of mind to have a great day.

Alerts & Automation
1-Click Directions
Intercept Navigation

Want to meet somebody as they go? We'll alert when you need to leave and how to get there.

Get directions to meet your friends while they are traveling.

We'll monitor for things like when you're 15 minutes away and then tell your smart home thermostat to turn on the air conditioning.

We believe that people deserve to have more freedom to do what they want with their lives. This is why we're creating an advanced live tracking service that adapts to you.

 Here are some of the ways you can use our AI-driven live tracking to empower your day.

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